Unable to Transfer ADA from Yoroi Wallet to Daedalus Wallet

I would be appreciate if someone can help me with issue that is preventing me from transferring ADA from my Yoroi wallet. When I try to transfer ADA to my new Daealus wallet from my Yoroi wallet that is linked to my Ledger X hardware, the following error appears:
“This hardware wallet is currently not supported”,
and https://emurgo.github.io/yoroi-extension-ledger-connect/ freezes in a loading state.


Currently you can’t use Yoroi with your hardware wallet because Yoroi is under maintenance. However you could use Adalite if its urgent.


Hi Fabian,
Thank you for letting me know that Yoroi is under maintenance. Do you know how long the maintenance window will last?


No sorry there is no offical ETA. How ever this post comes from Sebastien :


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Thanks Fabian

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help me out here man, binance ADA upgrade is finally done, so i tried to send ada from binance to my daedulus wallet, but binance says the receiver wallet address format is incorrect? i used copy to clipboard feature on daedulus to copy my wallet address, so not sure why binance is saying address is wrong? any advice?

Hello @iamrizwan

They still have a small issue but it will be fixed in a few hours id say :slight_smile: