Yoroi Help please!

So, I had my ADA in my Yoroi wallet but I recently got a new computer so I could get deadalus. on this new computer I set up my Yoroi wallet account as well. to test out deadalus I sent 100 ADA to it from my Yoroi wallet and everything seemed to go perfectly well so I deleted deadulus and recovered it to make sure I could and my 100 ADA was still there. it is when I went to my old computer and pulled up Yoroi that it shows instead of sending the 100 ADA like it currently shows on my new computer I sent 10,245 ADA. I generated a new address on deadalus and sent another 100 ADA to see what happens and on my new computer it shows it just took out 100 ADA but on my old one it shows I somehow sent 6,899 ADA. The time stamps, receiving addresses, and confirmations numbers are the same on both computers. The from address on deadalus shows my Yoroi address but now I am afraid to even touch my funds let alone try and by more.
The copied adress from deadalus was DdzFFzCqrht9wWEiecSvvhuTqTVz2xBNMFzmDGicFsty1fRmPARCjBY1b3dRtwjjgwM2E4cXfgNkX78Vi2vZCfLAT9iz56N1uPy6Ct8G and after I hit send the address it shows sent to had this second address attached Ae2tdPwUPEYzAHR5ECGWbMpT96jeAdwNxngkpGTvJZ7YaFXjhaze43WCJL3
has anyone else had this problem???

How transactions actually work is surprisingly complicated for those of us not into the intricacies of UTXO. The main thing is the wallet totals: how do they look?

Let’s say you have 7000ada. When you send 100ada to another address, the wallet generates a new address, sends the 100ADA and deposits the difference (7k -100) =6.9k -fees into that newly generated address.

This is how utxo works. Now if you send another 100ADA. The wallet generates yer another address and repeats the sequence.

It’s a bit nerve wracking at first but once you understand you own all these addresses, you will be fine.

Like Robin said, it is the total amount that you have on your wallet that counts,

Hope this helps.


Explorer shows

seems to shows that the 100ada have been transferred from different utx from the original

on my new computer my balance is accurate of only removing 200 ada but on the older one the wallet is showing the balance with the 10k and 6k missing?

what do you mean different utx? please eli5

Hi There,

Transactions made on one Yoroi session of a wallet will not update on another session of Yoroi. You would either need to clear the local cache, or reinstall the Yoroi extension to reflect the updated transactions.

(If you want to be double sure and afraid to touch your one machine , You can verify this by reinstalling/restoring your Yoroi on the other machine)

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It one of your machines shows what you actually want to see then you should be safe :slight_smile: #deduction

okay, thank you all for taking the time to reply to my post it is truly appreciated.


Priyank, @rdlrt : I have seen the same result described by Thinker669 about two weeks ago, where I have 2 different computers with the same Yoroi. Transferring funds on 1 Yoroi did not reflect the update on the other Yoroi. The update did eventually show up when I logged out and logged back into that google account on the computer with the wrong balance. Does that make sense it operates that way? Did the log-out -> log-back-in possibly clear the cache?

Hi @rickymac Yes, currently the ‘history’ of transactions sent from Yoroi (outgoing) are not refreshed completely from blockchain each time we refresh Yoroi, which would affect the scenario you and @Thinker669 face, as the machine where outgoing transfer was made will reflect the correct balance, while the other one wont unless you get the cache cleared (eg: by reinstalling).

PS: To clarify what I mean by my vague wording above :slight_smile: check screens below:

  1. Same wallet in 2 browsers
  2. An outgoing transaction from one browser (the difference will depend on your fund distribution):
  3. Notice the change address on explorer that recieves the difference that you see between the two sessions
  4. If you check addresses associated with your Yoroi wallets, you would see that the session from where you made the transaction will have this change address added, but not the other one:
  5. To Rectify the old wallet state, there are multiple ways, easiest being reinstall Yoroi on that browser. One another method would be clear the Local Storage:
  6. Restore the wallet, you would see the balance is now updated, and the address is now linked correctly:

Vanamonde something similar happened to me. you can’t have Yoroi on two devices as one will be out of sync. something about the UTXO that I can’t explain to you. hear is my thread hopefully it will give you some answers.

@Vanamonde see the post just above.

@Thinker669 tag people like this, just start with @ and you’ll get options.

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Hi rdlrt,

apologies to but in but I have a problem with my Yoroi wallet. It does not recognize my login/recovery phrase and hence everytime I reset from back end its is showing 0 balance. I have/had most of my ADA holdings and I am desperate for help and you seem to have solved some similar problems if you could get in touch I would be ever so grateful.