Recevie and Send addresses

Does the receive and send addresses change every time I send or receive ADA? Can I re-use receive address?

Do I need to enter password every time I receive or send ADA?

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The wallet addresses do not change and you can re-use them. You can also create new addresses and those become a permanent part of the wallet you created them in.

You do have to enter a password to send Ada from Daedalus, not to receive. That is, if you entered a spending password when you created the wallet. It is always best to use a spending password.

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When receive - nothing changes. When you send coins - new address is automatically created to receive change. Any of previous addresses may be used to receive. Or as @rickymac rightly noted: you can create new addresses manually. Itโ€™s just the question of privacy.


The wallet address does change after a restore. The previous address is not picked up by Daedlus.

I have answered to your concerns here: Recovered Wallet-Balance of 0

Sorry, but what you are saying is technological nonsense. Daedalus detects any active address if itโ€™s related to the wallet you are restoring.

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