Delete wallet each time after sending Ada?

Don’t know if this is the right place to ask this, but…
I’ve heard that it’s best to not use a wallet after sending going l coins from it to another person because after that he will know the private key.

Is this the same for Daedalus wallet?
When sending Ada’s to another person/exchange, should I make a new wallet instead of using my original wallet?

A person will not know the private key to your wallet just by receiving coins from you. O_O why would it even be so?

I reckon you are actually talking about the fact that person will know your address after they have received coins from you. Which is ok, cuz address is a public information.

But if you use the same address afterwards - then this person will be able to see all your transactions, yes. But not to access you coins.

The actual advice is to always receive coins onto a new address. If you open the “Receive” tab in the Daedalus - you will be able to see a list of addresses (might be just one initially) and a button that says: “Create new address”. At any point in time you can create a new address and to use it to receive coins into your wallet, so no one who already know your previous addresses will be able to see these particular coins.

It is not the same for any cryptocurrency or any wallet I have ever heard of. No one will know your private key by receiving coins.


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Thanks. So to be sure, after sending Ada’s to exchange, it’s OK to send them back to same wallet?

Absolutely. The important thing is to keep your 12 secret words safe.

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