Privacy: How to change the Cardano ADA sender address (Daedalus Wallet)

Hi there fellow Cardanonians,

I have a privacy issue.

I made a new receive address and gave it to s/o. Received ADA. Now I want to transfer it to someone else.

I dont want my sender address to be the address that was used to receive the ADA, because I dont want person 1 to know details about where i transfered ADA to.

I have an idea that creating a new receive address also changes my sender adress, but I m not sure.

Example (Let A, B, C be Cardano addresses):
A -> B (Me)
B -> C

A should not know that I am doing business with C.
C should not know that I received ADA from A.
Is that feasible with Cardanos blockchain?

Thanks and hodl on tight.

As of currently Cardano has no privacy features (only pseudo-privacy, ie. generating new addresses for you to receive from continuously) IOHK has released a paper on Ouroboros Crypsinous though, which is a privacy-oriented version of Ouroboros so in the long-term there may end up being side-chains which run said protocol which you can use.


Thanks. So when I send ADA its basically a combination of adresses where I received ADA from?

So if I had a sophisticated enough wallet, I could at least control the puzzle, so to speak?

Yes, depending on how the input selection works it changes which ones get used however. I think currently in Daedalus it’s chronological? But IOHK put out a paper if I recall on this topic and it seems random selection is one of the best choices for long-term dust avoidance, so that’ll be implemented sometime in the future.

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Oh boy, I guess its GLORY TO ARSTOTZKA then. Until Crypsinos arrives and I ll leave for Obristan, at least.

When sending Ada to an Exchange (wallet) then the Ada is ‘mixed’ off-chain with the other exchange users. When sending Ada from an exchange to a (yours or a friends) on-chain wallet then that transaction cannot be traced on with a explorer like
So ‘hiding’ transactions from a friend is doable, but scince the exchanges are (or should be) regulated it won’t help when hiding transactions from goverments. Assuming they can order the exchange to give insights to their off-chain transactions. But for sending or receiving Ada from an exchange they normally charge a percentage so that is an additional cost.
Here is al list of exchanges:


scince the exchanges are (or should be) regulated

Whoa! OK, I see we have totally different opinions about what a good crypto is.

I want to be free, so the government should please just fuck off and not watch my block chain transactions. Sorry, personal opinion.

But of course, you are right. One could try to “launder” coins via some exchange.

If you wonder about my current case: I accidentally gave the wrong wallet adress to some people that I would not consider “friends” but mere collegues. I didn’t want them to see a few transactions, where I uploaded ADA to my wallet. So they now have a clue about how much ADA I hold at least. Not a big deal, but not so great. I actually didn’t want to expose it to them.

This might help :slight_smile: Answer here: Can you change the Sender Address in Daedalus?

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