Can someone help me verify this?

I viewed a transaction and found that the correct receiving address is put among other addresses that may have no relation to me. What is the purpose? Is it for user security or identity protection?

By the way, the address from which ADAs were sent is also manipulated?

Thank you very much.

Most likely this transaction came from an exchange…exchanges send ADA out in batches…
As you can see at the top (From)…One address is sending ADA to several ADA addresses…It looks like several people bought ADA (for example) and the people did a withdrawal from the exchange to their addresses…by the way, if you are wondering how I got the screenshot…you did not block the transaction ID…easy to find in the cardano Blockchain explorer


Oh, I’ve got it. So that’s the way Daedalus works. I’m still under the wallet study. Thank you very much.