Strange sent transaction in my Daedalus wallet

I have a strange SENT transaction in my Daedalus wallet where ADA was sent from one of my receiving wallets to another receiving wallet. Does anyone know how this can occur?

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Hi @karasam2,

Not sure what qualifies as “strange” :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: but maybe it is an internal change address? When you send out ada the remaining ada is sent to a change address your wallet controls

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So has the balance been changed because of that transaction? that can happen for example if someone just found the recovery phrase of the wallet and made that transaction…

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Yes, the balance has changed. On 4/13, I transferred 8 ADA from BinanceUS to one of my Daedalus receiving wallets. It shows as a RECEIVED transaction. I am new to crypto so it was a trial transfer. Two days later I see that 2 ADA along with a .175137 ADA fee was SENT from this wallet to another one of my receiving wallets. I did not initiate this transfer and my recovery phrase is definitely in my possession. If the ADA was sent to another one of my receiving wallets, I would expect to see an opposite ADA RECEIVED wallet but there is only the WITHDRAWL transaction for 2.175137 ADA.

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Hi @karasam2 ,

I don’t understand what’s happening. Do you have the Transaction ID? Try to check it in Cardano Explorer

To make it clear:

  • So you have two Daedalus wallets
  • You withdraw 8 ADA from Binance (exchange) to 1st Daedalus Wallet
  • Somehow without you know it, 2 ADA + 0.17 transaction fee was approved and sent to your 2nd Daedalus Wallet

Then that’s strange. Any transaction out of your wallet needs your “Spending password” or approval from your cold wallet (Ledger/Trezor).

It’s either your Daedalus wallet get hacked (maybe you install scam app or scam Daedalus in mobile). Or somebody know your spending password or seed phrase.

Hope it helps.

So - there is two receiving address for the same wallet, not different wallets.
and why you sure that 2nd receiving address belongs to your wallet? can you see it on the receiving address list?

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I have one Daedalus wallet. Yes, I see both wallets on my RECEIVING list.

I checked out the transaction in Explorer but it really doesn’t tell me anything other than the ADA sent and the fee charged. I have never initiated a SEND transaction so I am curious where the “Spending Password” resides.

I never sent out any ADA.

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Ok, so you only have 1 Daedalus wallet right? If I am not wrong, what you mean is that 2 ADA is being sent to your own wallet (different receiving address)? So in total you still have around 8 ADA (minus the transaction fee 0.17ADA) in your current wallet?

I have no idea how does the transaction happened if you said you didn’t send any. Maybe senior member could help here.

P.S.: Did you do any staking/delegating to any pool? If yes, that 2 ADA is the deposited fee for staking + 0.17 transaction fee @karasam2

I am correct to conclude that you are missing about 0.17 ADA of your total expected balance?

No, I am missing 2.175137 ADA. 2 ADA plus the fee.

WOW! Yes, I did stake to a pool. I think you possibly may have figured it out. How can I find out the date that I delegated to a pool?


@ADA4Good : it’s 2 ADA for his deposit mate … finally figure it out
@karasam2 : Hmm, you can see the Transaction ID in your “SEND” history and check it in Cardano Explorer. It will give you the date and another information regarding that transaction.

Hope it helps. Thanks.


Can’t figure out how to close/mark a reply. Can you give some better instructions?

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Hi @karasam2 . No problem, it’s my bad. I thought this is the Community Technical Support section. If you create a topic in that section, the topic owner could choose a reply that he/she thinks is a solution & mark that reply as solution. All is good. Wish you a nice evening then :coffee:

@andreassosilo, I sincerely appreciate all your help in identifying this transaction. Best Regards

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