Sent ADA to the same wallet by accident [solved, no problem there]


I was doing some test transactions and accidentally sent a transaction to the same wallet i.e. it’s self and there was an outgoing transaction but no incoming transaction, although the total balance looks correct.

Does anyone know if this is a known bug or by design?


But it’s the same transaction in this case. It’s one transaction with one transaction ID, and wallet just has to show it either as outgoing or as incoming. Apparently the outgoing transactions get sorted out first.

So, by design.

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Thanks vantuz for the info, that makes sense.

Something else I noticed was the transaction value was not the 1 ADA I put in but a value from a transaction a few months back, identical in fact not something I’m likely to have input by error.

Sorry, but I don’t understand you. If there’s an issue with using the Daedalus, posting some screenshots and step-by-step info of your actions, expected results, and actual results, could help us understand what’s wrong )

Sure, thanks for helping :+1:

I’ve recreated this using a test account, here are the steps I followed…

  1. Create a test wallet
  2. Send 9 ADA to the test wallet from another wallet to fund it
  3. Create new receive address in test wallet
  4. Send 1 ADA to the new receive address from the test wallet (transaction)

Here’s what I see after this, outgoing transaction -9, expecting to see outgoing -1

Nice test-case! :slight_smile: Yeah, looks like a Daedalus bug. I will open an issue with them and link it here.


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