A new address is required every time that ADA funds are sent to my Daelus Wallet (from Bittrex i.e.)?


Hello Ada Team,

I completed OK my first ADA transfert from Bittrex to my Daelus Wallet.

Now, I would like to go ahead with my second transfer but in the in the '‘RECEIVE’'screen on my wallet it says:

To protect your privacy, new addresses are generated automatically once you use them. and I can press the button to start this process…

My simple question: Do I need to create a new address every time that I am completing new transferts to my Daelus Wallet ? or I can use the same Wallet Addresse that I got the first time ?

Thank you in advance



You ‘can’ use the same address you used the first time. The wallet generates a new one for your safety as it states.

Also, I think there is an option to turn the notification off.


Thank you Jinmi for your quick answer. Much appreciated