Daedalus wallet creating new address in account when I send part sum ada from address

Hello! Very worried about the question. It’s just that it’s not very convenient for reporting. Why are no new addresses created in the Daedalus wallet when transferring the full amount of coins from one address to another address? When you withdraw an incomplete amount from the address, the transfer occurs in two directions. The first direction transfers the balance to a new address in the account, and the second direction transfers coins to the specified exchange address or the address of another account. In the guarda wallet, it is possible to withdraw coins not completely from the address, but at the same time the entire amount will not be debited from the address in order to transfer one part to the address of the exchange, and the other simply to the new address.
Example. Account 1 was created with address 1, on which 500 ADA. I am transferring 250 ADA to address 1 of Account 2. Then the first part 250 ADA will be transferred from Account 1 with address 1 to Account 2 of address 1, and the second part 250 ADA to the address 2 which automatically created in Account 1. If you transfer 500 ADA from Accaunt 1 then address 2 will be no created and the entire amount will be transferred to address 1 of Account 2. I have 70 000 ADA. I want divided the big sum on many parts in many accounts for security. It’s just that it’s not very convenient for reporting.

I apologize if I am not clear. I speak Russian, but I tried to write it clearly. I hope that you will understand me and be able to answer.

Hello and welcome to the forum @vorobushek,

Please have a look at this article, it should make most of things clear:

In addition to that I think it is worth to mention that, from a block explorer view on the blockchain, you can not see which addresses belongs to the same wallet. Only a wallet is able to do this.

Any UTxO transaction in the technical depths always withdraws the entire UTxO from it’s address, so if you have your entire balance as a single UTxO (received in one transaction) then any transaction will have to withdraw this entire balance (“spend” the UTxO). The transaction breaks that UTxO into two separate balances and then decides where the one goes and where the other one goes. it’s just that Guarda automatically places the change into the same address where it was taken from, and both Daedalus and Yoroi (and many other wallets for different blockchains) create a new address for it every time.

The use of a separate address for change is one of the fundamental Bitcoin standards (many best practices worked out for Bitcoin over time are considered as good fundamentals for any other blockchain systems of the same kind (i.e. UTxO vs Accounts)). Check standards BIP32 for hierarchical wallets and BIP44 for derivation paths, which includes the “Change” section specifically.

Детальное пошаговое описание устройства UTxO транзакций и чем они отличаются от аккаунтов (как в “Эфириуме”) можно почитать на русском тут: