Sent twice to same Shelly Address

I have sent to the same address twice and it has been 12 hours since sent it from Voyager to Shelly Wallet’s address. The first time I sent it in March was successful. Yesterday I sent to the same address from Voyager and not showing up yet. Will I lose my ADA? How can get it, if the same address from a wallet cannot be used again?

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Hi @Tathagat_Dwivedi,

Do you have the Transaction ID? If yes, you could check if the transaction is successful in Cardano Explorer

There you can check if Voyager really transfer the ADA succesfully or not to your Shelley address.

The same receiving address could be use multiple times I think.

Hope it helps.

An address can be used an indefinite amount of times. To keep your anonymity higher wallets tend to give you the option to create fresh addresses. Also the change of the amount you sent out will also come back to a newly generated address for the same purpose.

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Voyager has not provided any transaction id, only showing the “From” and “To” addresses. No Transaction Hash yet. Do you know if there another place/way I get the Transaction ID?

I also thought that the same address should be used because then it will be not possible to share with others to get the money.

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Thanks! I’m relieved! I will wait more and hopefully it will show up.

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Ah voyager is an exchange?
In that case I have seen many exchanges delay withdrawals. As long as the exchange doesn’t show a transaction hash the exchange has not sent it to your wallet. Normally they remove your crypto from your exchange wallet and if processing takes longer you see what you are experiencing. Contact the exchange to get more info.

Thanks. I have opened a ticket with them. Your explanation about the no transaction id yet makes sense to me.