Can't send from Binance US to Voyager

hi, new here so sorry if you can’t help. trying to send ADA from Binance US to Voyager but Binance gives me this error when I put in my Voyager ADA address:

The withdrawal address format is wrong. Please check the withdrawal address length and character content and try again

Does this have to do with recent Mary Hard Fork update? Or do I need to contact Voyager/Binance? Thanks in advance for any help!


One of them I think use byron and another shelley

I see binance is using shelley so my guess is that Voyager still using byron;

and on binance u should use cardano network


So does that mean they are incompatible until Voyager starts using Shelly?

Yes; but why u need this transfer? Why voyager? U can convert to another currency, transfer to voyager and then convert back in ADA;

But try with a small amount first time!!!

Voyager gives 3% apy. I only have 2000 ada so didn’t think it was worth staking yet. I want to get 5000 at least in the next few months.

This is my Voyager ada wallet, can you tell me if it is Shelly or not?


This is shelley; 103 characters format , byron only 59

So if they are both using Shelly there’s something else going wrong then I guess

You gave me a byron address; is shorter than shley address provided by me as an example

Oh ok sorry I misunderstood. Thank you for the clarification. I will have to try and find out if Voyager is going to shelly anytime soon.

same prob, and converting, sending, then converting incurs taxes for some of us every step of the way, ie: usa residents. Sucks.

And maybe wanna report everything legit on my taxes and not money launder, y’know?

Get your shit together for easy transfers else less people will invest in ye, blunt truth. A wallet address on the blockchain whole point is it is unique and will go through trustless validation, so what’s the problem? Haven’t worked to integrate Binance and Voyager, two top highly visible exchanges?
And does Cardano’s support seriously suggest laundering ADA assests instead as a work around? The hell? Some of us don’t want to break laws over a basic transfer. Be aware of customer/user/investor base world wide.