Voyager Withdrawal

Hello. I submitted a withdrawal of all my ADA (10k shares) from Voyager to Atomic Wallet and it’s been sitting pending for days. Did I just lose all my ADA??? I’m so scared, this is A LOT of money for me. I have not been happy with Voyager’s outages lately so I decided to transfer everything out that I could. I should have just sold it and rebought elsewhere, I just knew it. It took me months of dollar cost averaging to get to my 10k ADA goal and I feel like it’s just gone.

This is the address I sent to
Is there a way to see if it’s in the process of being moved?

Thank you for any help. I am SO frustrated, scared and mad at the same time.

Hi @eyescovered,

Your ada has not arrived at the provided address. This means voyager has not sent it out yet.
And you say voyager says the transaction is pending. this also confirms it has not been sent yet. The issue is thus with the exchange. Normally this is not a big problem. Just contact voyager and ask them why your transaction is pending. I have had this issue mostly because there was an outage. sometimes the exchange will just have to do something to make the transaction go through (and wont until you tell them). I have also had this problem when kyc was needed or an update of the kyc level were needed. Normally you get an email from the exchange.

So in short, probably nothing to worry about. just contact voyager. good luck and let us know if you succeed

Thank you for the reply. Voyager is terrible with customer support. Yet another reason I am leaving. My stomach is in knots thinking about this, I hope you are right!

What’s kyc?

KYC = Know Your Customer. Its regulatory. Exchanges must know who their customers are by asking id and such. And sometimes there are multiple levels that kick in, for example when you want a withdrawal like here.

So like when they took my drivers license info when I signed up?

yes, that’s it. But I have had exchanges ask me for my details multiple times in a year or 2.

OK got it. I’m still really nervous, though. I sold off some profits on a few other coins to buy more ADA in BinanceUS this time and I’m up to 1000 ADA, so one tenth of the way there if I’m screwed. Man I hate this waiting game.

Also, where did you lookup that wallet address?

Yes waiting for no reason sucks. And exchanges can be a bit of a pain. This is why I like to hold my ada myself and not have it on an exchange. But again, just contact them and we’ll see

You can lookup all transaction via
Cardano Explorer

Just paste an address or Tx ID and you will see the results. The explorer can browse all transaction on the blockchain.

Says no results on that address but I suppose that’s because there’s nothing that’s been sent to it.
Still a tad anxious, but you’ve talked me down from the ledge. So thanks, I will post any updates here.

Thanks again.


And good to hear. best of luck

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The transfer went through! What a relief!!! Gotta learn to not panic sell! But, I guess having more ADA isn’t a bad thing!

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Happy to hear! You can never have enough ada :smiley:

My original goal was 10k ADA but I might just try to go for 15k now before it goes over $2. Personally, I think it’ll hit $8-10 before the end of the year. It’s an amazing project with a fantastic community.

Thanks again for your help!

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Glad to hear you got your ADA out of Voyager finally. I’m waiting on the same.

Voyager pays out every time, Plus they are federally regulated by the US. One of the few good things about CeFi lol…

They are not responding to
Support ticket

Probably because of all of the Cardano inquiries during the HardFork. Check your balance now.