ADA from Exodus to Voyager - never got there

Hi, I sent my ADA from Exodus to Voyager using a Voyager address. Exodus shows the transaction completed but the ADA never got to Voyager. I can see the transaction documented on Cardanoscan. Can anyone help me get it into my Voyager wallet? Thanks. DD


Please contact voyager support team!

Always when u try to move your coin from wallet to wallet first time send a small amount for test.


Thank you - Voyager is sooooo slow in responding. Do you know what Cardanoscan is (the web site that pops up when I click on the address is Exodus - after it was sent) ? Is it a clearing house - or just documenting the transaction? thnx DD


It’s an explorer where u can search infos for any transaction registered into the chain.


Thank you, so hopefully, Voyager can trace and recover. DD

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Did Voyager ever respond? I’m having the same issue going on 2 weeks now and no reply from Voyager.

The issue is Voyager