Help with missing ADA funds

I transfered ADA from Bittrex to Voyager but the funds never showed up in my Voyager account.
I’ve triple checked the deposit address and I am positive it is correct.
In Bittrex the transaction shows complete and their response to my support ticket was it was broadcast to the blockchain and shows confirmed.
On the Cardano blockchain it does show up as confirmed but what is odd is it shows it was sent to several other addresses as well. I don’t know enough about how the blockchain works to know if my funds were sent to other addresses.
I reached out to Cardono who replied they do not provide specific support for exchange transactions.
I also reached out to Voyager but they have not replied going on 2 weeks now.
Can anyone help with this?
I don’t understand what happend to the funds or who is the responsible party Bittrex, Cardano, or Voyager.


Bittrex sent ada, but u can’t see them in voyager… I think u should contact Voyager team

Thanks for your advice. That’s what I have done going on 2 weeks now with no response.

Hi there - join the community over on where there are people that may be able to help you. Also, if you DM the CEO (!) then this has resulted in issues being addressed very rapidly - ( @Ehrls15 ) - when support has been slow ( although people have had success with )

I am new to the ADA community, learning as much as I can with a view to actually moving funds in the other direction - out of Voyager into my own wallet

I’m missing my transferred ADA to Yoiri wallet. Cardano mainnet. It’s been hours.

Thinking it got added to my stake amount. Hmmm

Still no response from Voyager.
If the deposit address is correct and the transaction shows verified on the blockchain what could have happen to the funds? Is there something I’m missing?

What version is ur voyager wallet

Good question I don’t know. I looked on the app and I was not able to find that information anywhere.
I would ask support but they don’t respond. I was wondering if this issue could be related to the Shelly update?

I remember someone was able to see the funds after update… are u using on mobile?

Yes I am they do not have a desktop site.

Ok go to market store and search for voyager… see if u have the update option

There is no update available. This is the current version
Version 2.5.14

I sent my ADA from Yoroi to Voyager the other day and it showed up. Then I sent more yesterday and it’s vanished. Voyager support is a joke and I have no idea what to do. Anyone have any ideas? I checked the address and it’s correct

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I have the same issue. Any luck? I am getting pretty upset

Restore the voyager on another device if u have the possibility


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I had the same problem Voyager finally answered my ticket after three weeks and refreshed something and I got my funds. I felt hopeless too waiting with no response for so long but eventually I got my funds.


Why do u keep ada on voyager?


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Hey thanks! I’ll try that and hopefully it works. I actually just moved it because I had a good but in my wallet and wanted to trade a coin that is only on voyager. I’ll be over that for the rest of my life now lol. Voyager is pretty lame.

When you say restore on another device? I have an iPad but it’s already installed. Do you mean uninstall it and reinstall it?