Missing ADA sent from Yoroi to Voyager

I successfully sent 100 ADA from my Yore wallet to my Voyager wallet on 2/28/22 as a test. Then I sent 1,000 ADA to the same Voyager address on 3/1/22. Yoroi transactions state both were successfully sent. Explorer shows both transactions received at the same address, however my Voyager wallet only received 100 ADA. Any idea what happened to the 1000 ADA and why Voyager is not recognizing the transaction? Could it have something to do with my ADA being staked when I sent it? FYI, Yoroi support responded in a day however I have never received a response from Voyager.

If the transaction went through on Cardano (you can search the transaction on Cardanoscan to be extra sure), only Voyager can help you.