Transferred ADA from Bittrex to Voyager. The coins left Bittrex but never reached Voyager

Hello the transaction id is


Can you please help with this… It has been 4 days and the funds never reached Voyager…

You probably have to reach out the Voyager or Bittrex support team.


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Thanks for the response Fabian. I did reach out to Voyager and they said

We recommend that you reach out to the sending provider and request this transfer attempt be investigated further on their end. The Voyager deposit address is a Shelley Enterprise address type.

Please check with the provider to see if they support sending to this address type from their service.

Bittrex shows that the transfer is successful from their end

Also bittrex supports shelley


check with bittrex support team and also check If the receiving address is correct!

Thanks for the response. This is great news that Bittrex supports Shelby.

I have double checked the address and it’s accurate as well.

Not sure what’s wrong with the transfer as they are neither in Bittrex nor in voyager.

Can you click on this link and please advise if you can tell me the issue if possible??

I don’t see any issue, the transaction was submited into the chain… if you check and you are able to see your receving address (voyager address) here

means the ADAs were sent to Voyager… Anyway it’s better for you to contact also bittrex support team
is it the first time when u used bittrex to withdraw?

It’s been over 5 days Alex. I have transferred a lot of times and never faced an issue.

I should have done a one coin transfer first rather than sending all the coins. I have asked my friend to transfer 3 coins from Bittrex to voyager and it was successful

Bittrex has not responded yet and hope they respond soon. Voyager asked me to reach out to Bittrex.

The address is correct.

Yes understand, be patient, wait for the bittrex to respond you

Thank you Alex. You are a very nice person. Nice meeting you virtually.

I don’t what to say… I read things not so positive about bittrex; I hope u will recover ur money.

Yeah they haven’t responded till now. It’s been 4 days. Hope to see a response from them this week

For withdrawal issues, please raise a support ticket via the following link: Submit a request – Bittrex Global

:bangbang:please be aware of scammers, we will never assist via Telegram or sent you a DM

Did u used this link?

I think all this crazy was because of btc boom… a big volume of work for bittrex… so all u have to do is keep calm and wait for a resolution…

Hey Alex

I used

To create my request during the withdrawal.

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What was the result of your issue? I may be experiencing the same.

I’m having the same issue and Voyager has not responded going on 2 weeks now.

Did you ever get your ADA issue resolved? I’m having the same issue.

I just recently started using Yoyager but haven’t tried sending it to either exchanges. Were you able to get it resolved?


First time try with a small amount!


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We need cardano to step in. There are so many ADA missing that were sent to Voyager and Voyager is not responding.

Step in how?

The various Cardano entities (IOG, Emurgo and the Foundation) have zero power over Voyager.