Have not received ADA deposit from Kucoin to Voyager

After withdrawing about 106 ADA from my Kucoin Cardano wallet to voyager, it said the transaction had been completed but it has been 24 hours and I have still not received the ADA on the voyager app itself.

Trans ID: faa880dfe936951836db06fd724de6b459ffa92549f3187a8665dbba010cff94

I think u sent from shelley wallet (kucoin) to a byron wallet (Voyager)

U will need to contact voyager support team because kucoin sent the funds as u can see on cardanoscan.io

Yes that’s exactly what I did, the correct address and everything.
Alright thank you I’ve already sent the team a support ticket

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Does the amount of confirmations have anything to do with getting the deposits? This blockchain says right now there’s about 3,600. I checked about three other past transactions I’ve successfully sent ADA and those each have around 95,000 confirmations.

Nope, 3600 are more than enough

Why after upgraded from byron to shelley? They would have two different types of wallets?

Can I say that there would have two isolate Cardano Mainnet(Byron and Shelly)?

In the future, when Cardano is completed(Voltaire), it would have 5 different types of wallet?

It getting super confused. Could anyone please explain this please? @admins