Transfer from Exodus wallet to voyager issue with ADA

with cardanos price going up and my debt with 0% interest ending in July I’m in a bit of a whirl. Crypto was a blessing and was supposed to get me out of debt. On March 9, 9271 ADA (today’s equivalent of $12,660 USD) from my Exodus wallet to Voyager.
Transaction ID:

Today is April 13th over a month has passed and I still have not received my $. When I would open a ticket on voyager they gave me generic responses on 2 separate occasions stating I need to wait for high enough confirmations on the block chain. (I’m now at 145,214 confirmations and still nothing). I opened another ticket with voyager over a week ago with no response yet. I contacted them on Instagram, nothing. On Facebook 2 weeks ago I got a response of them asking for my ticket number and once I provided it they never responded.

I don’t know what to do. Obviously at some point I want to sell off the ADA before the bull run is over… or before July before the credit card company wants to hit me with interest.

Someone who’s good at figuring out addresses etc. can you help me? Some guy in a Facebook group pointed out that I could’ve gotten scammed.

That’s my wallet, it says 9,273 in over a month ago and out on the 18th of March to a wallet containing over $4,000,000 ADA and growing every time I check which is

Is this a wallet voyager uses or something?

I’ve checked so many times to make sure that my Voyager address was the correct address I sent the ADA to and it matches over and over. So I ruled out being hacked because Exodus support says as long as I sent the funds to the correct address there’s no way a hacker could get to the funds before they even hit my voyager account.