All nodes need to be on 1.24.2 or higher before December 16th

I’m sure many of you are aware that for the Allegra and Mary hard forks all the nodes (that includes the relay nodes) need to be on 1.24.2 or higher before the December 15th for testnet and before December 16th for mainnet.

EDIT: Please check out @ADAfrog’s upgrade guide:


thanks Tommy… what would the IOG developers think of mentioning, if not highlighting, this contingency & timeline in the release notes? (They are not there at this moment.)

I believe there will be an announcement very soon (maybe today).

We’re also thinking about pulling out the Staking&Delegation categories here into a new parent category. (like we did for the Developers)

We could create either an own category for such specific announcements or a dedicated thread. Do you think that would be a good idea?


I think it’s a wonderful idea. We’ve had some high hopes expressed on the forum about having practical, actionable information all in one place instead of having to comb it out of social networks & video announcements.

This would be an extraordinary step in that direction, and would well support people working in the Cardano ecosystem who are looking to make it a greater part of their professional as well as their personal lives. :heart_eyes:

Therefore a category would work better, rather than a dedicated thread, since each announcement… especially those in response to videos & “fireside chats” which hopefully there will now be some peer pressure to transcribe, or at least outline… has the potential to generate its own thread of discussion. :sunglasses:

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I will be putting out a migration guide today on behalf of SPOCRA as there are some changes to the config files and we probably want everyone to be on ghc 8.10


To manage expectations: of course we can’t expect the Haskell Node :sparkles:Wizards :sparkles: to come here to the forum to post such requirements. So we are always dependent on information either from community people, the SPO calls, the release notes etc. But I think this can work.

When I was talking with Liza H in IOG Marketing in our SPO interview on 27 November, she sounded optimistic that improved documentation and communication from that quarter was not only achievable but also could well be recognised as having a marketing advantage: therefore suiting the Cardano Foundation’s own goals as well.

So I would consider it a great loss for all parties involved… including those developers, who want to be seen as well rounded people capable of documenting their own work, for effective use by the community, like most other open source developers do… if the developer information flow were not encouraged (hopefully insisted upon) by the CF and by IOG Marketing.

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