All of a sudden: Failure in Data.Map.balanceR

At the start of the current epoch, we are getting:

Failure in Data.Map.balanceR

Which is keeping the node from starting. Why would this happen all of a sudden? The node has been running great for months.

We’re on v1.35.4

Enough free storage?

As suggested on the Telegram channel, you should upgrade your node. 1.35.4 is 2 years old now.

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[BUG] Mainnet nodes with incoming connections unexpected shutdown with Failure in Data.Map.balanceR (error, called at src/Data/Map/Internal.hs:4157:30 in containers- · Issue #4826 · IntersectMBO/cardano-node · GitHub might be relevant. Suggested fix, upgrade your node.

That is the famous bug that caused half of the nodes going down in January 2023:

You should have updated very long ago.

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