Tip (diff) and transaction errors with topologyUpdater

My stakepool RADAR has been operating well for 4 epochs now thanks in no small part to you guys and gals here. I’m noticing there are times my relays really get bogged down at times. tip (diff) gets up over 150 and sometimes it reads “syncing 100%” . It usually fixes itself eventually. Sometimes I turn TraceMemPool to false, but I was led to think that 1.26.1 should render that unnecessary.

In looking at the journal output of the node, I’m getting plenty of errors such as:

“The transaction contains inputs that do not exist in the UTxO set.”
as well as “Failed to start all required subscriptions” and Socket errors as well.

With topologyUpdater refreshing my peer list every hour, I’m surprised that I’m getting a significant number of these errors. Isn’t the whole point of that system to provide functioning, reachable relays? Thankfully my block producing node is doing just fine processing transactions from my two relays, though. Is this all just an expected noise? And when tip(diff) gets deep into the yellow, do I need to be concerned and make adjustments?

Our pledge is increasing this epoch to a level that could start finally minting blocks and I don’t want to miss the opportunity when I finally become a slot leader.

Thanks for the help!
-Sully at [RADAR]

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All u said above is valable for all nodes :wink:

U are fine, if will have slots assigned u should be able to create;


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