Alonzo Testnet Node errors

Hey gang,
I got some extra hardware to set up a node on Alonzo Blue testnet in hopes to be ready to help with upcoming stages of the testnet rollout.
I’m using the exercises here:

I was able to start a node, but it gets up to about 90% synced and then starts thowing errors:

[Alonzo:cardano.node.DnsSubscription:Error:5652] [2021-06-21 18:15:59.18 UTC] Domain: “” Application Exception: InvalidBlock (At (Block {blockPointSlot = SlotNo 1616944, blockPointHash = 6ef5755bfabc95a0fb53f2f02dc49dcda001557540b83f53bf01b1e40293ddc2})) (ValidationError (ExtValidationErrorLedger (HardForkLedgerErrorFromEra S (S (S (S (Z (WrapLedgerErr {unwrapLedgerErr = BBodyError (BlockTransitionError [ShelleyInAlonzoPredFail (LedgersFailure (LedgerFailure (UtxowFailure (PPViewHashesDontMatch (SJust (SafeHash “b97293040f0fd9fcde5f7ecd6494607be48cb9eac40d3aa0604a91151f15ad21”)) (SJust (SafeHash “647b2f4a36cd848568ebfd6b2b29a2e2704dd038d665c7b89426bc4e99b24689”))))))])}))))))))
[Alonzo:cardano.node.DnsSubscription:Debug:5652] [2021-06-21 18:15:59.18 UTC] Domain: “” Closed socket to

I have the port 3001 open. I’ve deleted the DB and tried to sync it again, and it began adding to the tip just fine at first, but it keeps stalling here round about 90%.

Any ideas?