Am I just being phished? (HELP)

I need your help urgently.
Is there any way to stop this transaction (def242414527196543aa201c1bdc3bdb5cf0af86132b1f2ec384eecfd3e57173) or get my funds back? SundaeLabs<dot>org appears to be a fake site.

Am I just being phished?
On 1/16, I received the following 1 SUNDAE Reward Ticket transaction (23a4b125ea7103c0f482fefe07b15f16ec377309848edcae93d1122580ae3fca) in my wallet, and I performed it without question, thinking it was a procedure to receive SUNDAE rewards.

Is there any way to freeze my funds from this transaction or get them back?

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The “Reward Ticket” scams have been going on since beginning of December in various forms.

No project will ever do airdrops/rewards by just sending you unsolicited NFTs with links to connect to.

I’m afraid not. Cryptocurrency blockchains are designed to be censorship-resistant and once transactions are recorded there is no way to roll them back. We are advertising that as a feature.

Only chance would be that the scammers get caught and are in a jurisdiction where there is some way to hold them accountable. I’d say chances are rather slim.

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Thank you for your reply. I wish there was a way to freeze and recover funds from phishing addresses(stake1u80m2lc9mxext8rwcarnjvgv6a5tvscwqsawvcv0vud2aygwswzgf)… I wish Cardano governance had a way to rescue innocent victims.

I performed this transaction in the Eternl wallet, and it would have been nice if the Eternl wallet had at least a feature to warn me about recent scam tokens!

We also need measures to prevent scam tokens and damage at the level of our Cardano Community.

SCAM Tokens:

Don’t connect your wallet!!

Scam Token-warning
Fake site: https://sundaelabs. org
(Don’t be fooled by *.org)

Scam Token-warning 2.png