Send ADA to scam address, there is any way to get it back?

sorry for your lost
Unfortunately the transactions are not reversible and can’t be frozen :frowning:


Always double and triple check the address you want to send to, and the person you are dealing with. Scammers are getting creative day by day! Sadly, when it’s done, there is nothing that you can do about it!

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We know his wallet address, should be a way to find him. addr1qxcrlut9gk7pkpfnjkz2w430vnm45xxxva8cy8t86usaclkqz05tw0x3nsf5nzm0esjm9qhshedss2nlfagte5lwn9ksrr7c56
Is it possible to know which wallet he use ?
Nothing is impossible in computer/digital world.
I was stupid but he has all my savings.

We can understand how that might make you feel, but unfortunately you cannot do anything about it. Assuming that you found which wallet he is using, no one can give you your ADA back, because no one can control it except the owner of the address!

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If we find the guy we will know how to make him to retrieve it . I lost 13k ada. Someone will pay for it if we work togheter

He is somewhere in Russia. What’s your plan?

If we work collectively. There is a way . Everybody knows somebody . Tryst me there is a way to get it back !

Someone just posted topic , he lost 220k ada to the same scam. My god ! This motherfuckers are going down for all the money they stole . I’m not afraid Russians. We get a group, establish company people who got scammed and we sue coinbase or whatever the platform money was sended from and YouTube for making it so easy for them to scamm

Maybe it’s possible to make it difficult for scammers but we never can stop them or get money back. The only way is that wallet or exchange company or developers come with ideas that can stop scammers.

Ok , let’s try.

today i have also lost money for this video [Link removed by @Napoles] at youtube
scammer has taken money to Ae2tdPwUPEZ1H7Bg4LUP3d6xJjQ5iikmNwF8VR51Nw7sZwcUpGm12pxE6MJ this ADA address
friends is there way to recover ADA
the website is [Link removed by @Napoles]

Hello @siliconbee

I am sorry that you have lost your money. Unfortunately, scammers have no respect for other people’s work and effort. The video has been reported, I have removed the link to avoid giving it publicity.


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thanks showing sympathy in my difficult time

Got pulled into the same scam with a live moderator who knew a ton about crypto and I guess he edited clips to make it seem like he was chatting with Hoskins

-Website was Cardano branded
-Domain was founders-usa dot com
-had a wall of what looked like transactions
-had a give away meter that ticked up
-was supposedly funded by Hoskins
-had quotes from him

Obviously all social engineering

boy o boy makes me sick thos scams i am sorry for the lost of money.nothing in this world is for free even some ada’s.greed is a human bad thing.take it cool heads up save money buy ada on a few dips down and stake it then you get free money

Hey, all! Im new Cardano comrade! Hows your day!

The thing about scamers and cheaters is, man, you need create an algorithm for yourself how to verify your business partners before you make any payments!
Before, not after! It is very painfull and teaching moment for you now! I know, ive been there. Ive been duped last month for 150 euros, i went through a lot of calls and heavy words to even get to a point where they offered to write a form to refund a 150 euros for bad service, and this was official wolksvagen dealer. Now imagine rest of them. You have very vague chances of getting your crypto back.
My advice for you, man, is keep on fighting, justice must be done, shine light on those cheaters and meanvile just participate in Cardano community and try to earn some loses back. In future ada will go up in price, slowly an steady.
Next time, remember, verify, research, read reviews and mainly! dont ever invest more than you can afford to loose! (golden law of investment)

The Greener
ADA wallet:

I’ve been ready about everyone’s losses and how much everyone has lost it makes me feel a little better about my losses but at the same time more angry at scammers for being able to scam maybe we can form some type of list for all the scammer globally and use the same technology to scam them back I’m a developer for crypto currency and payment gateways I know that it’s possible to lure and bait these people, they are always looking for new victims and they will do whatever it takes and say whatever to get the money especially if they know it’s a lot so maybe if we make a list and if there are other developers that wish to help we can make false payment gateways that is coded to require a certain amount from the receiving party to complete the transaction almost like a transaction fee by now everyone expects a trans fee so it’d you make a false payment gateway to a recovery crypto address it might work. Now it might now get all the money but if we put our mind together and work in unison it will work based on my past results