I just fell for a scam. looking for help

It all started when I sent some ada (2500) from my nami wallet to a wallet on the cronos network (my mistake). Instead my ada went to a different wallet that is not mine. Then I went to the following website [Link removed by @Zyroxa] for support and they told me to create a dispute and then my ada would be returned to my wallet. To confirm the dispute they said that I had to send the exact amount of ada (2500) to my wallet again but everytime I did it the 2500 went out of my wallet again and they said that it was because i did not send the right amount so i did that three more times and lost a total of 10k ada and feel really stupid right now… Do you know if there is anything I can do to recup this lost ada??

Neither I nor anyone else can help you reverse those transfers to the scammers, but it might help at some point to know that there is a legitimate version of this web site (your link above will probably be removed by the moderators):

… and also that this web site can be very easily cloned because it’s built from a static website generator which can be downloaded from the Cardano Foundation repository on Github (not that this is their fault, since a good web spider could also clone every single asset of the generated static site).

Again, it won’t help get your funds back (nor will there be anything on the real Developer Portal to help recover the funds) but at least it may help you to understand how the scammers think & work. Generally they only copy existing material, which they frequently do with YouTube videos as well (just overlaying them with the scam details)… so any offer you see, no matter how convincing it may appear, should always be traced back via links from official sources. :sweat:

Thanks for your kind reply and I’ll definitely be more careful in the future…

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