Got scammed and lost my ADA

Just lost all my ADA balance on this fake Adalite website. FYI “cardano-foundation [dot] us”

Got an email from Coindesk, which now I understand was also fake (deleted it so can’t post it here), detailing information about the staking process for ADA and Stelllar, as well as a Rewards program for XRP.

I don’t think there is anything I can do about it, if there is please advise. Here’s the transaction

Hi Letusallunite,

Unfortunately there is nothing you can do in regards to getting your ada returned.

However, you are a victim of fraud, I strongly urge you to contact your local police to report the crime.

These criminals are mostly going un checked because people do not report the issue. I understand people feel like nothing will be done, however if no one reports, then nothing will be done. The more people report these crimes the bigger the picture and more likely these criminals will be caught.

Sorry to hear you fell victim to this crime


Hi Lgbeano,

Thanks for your message. As you have suggested I have reported this to the police, however as it would be expectable they already have informed me that it will be filed but not investigated.

Hello from Copenhagen Denmark Lgbeano, sad to hear that happened. We must always be careful and double check what we do. Regarding “cardano-foundation [dot] us”, if the site scammed you, maybe it’s possible we somehow can get the site closed, or help others so the same thing cannot happen, by means of educating others what to be aware of, and which steps not to take, so this happens again. Further steps can be taken ( maybe ) by trying to get that site closed/shutdown for good. Social media can quickly spread the word, and also looking into who hosts the website? Feel free to give a feedback if you like to. Last thing, regarding lost mail(s), there is a possability to regain lost and deleted mails from server or your personal PC, depending on how your mail client is handled.

Glad to hear you reported it to the police, it’s a shame they close the case so quickly, however the more people that report it forces them to act as their unsolved cases go up, which results in pressure on them to do more.

Ai,ai, very sorry for you. And good you give your experience as a warning to other people.