Scammer wanted


3 weeks ago my ADA funds were stolen after I just opened my account.

I know I have no chance to find the person, but at least could you help me to try to understand what in happened and what’s still happening?

This is the ID transaction:


What I understand is that I sent my funds to this address addr1qx9m5d52dcgfg0wlsfqcmgt9y d9t6jh0y9zdxh9gz5lrc2sspmags8r rxz6h9yydp9xlc8yns9z668f7apfdg t2xpk0qv8vhyl

And then from this address my funds where sent to the following one addr1q8fyct4dsh88trk2qkj6ecm7jsfvlpf4wjalqfdzey0p2wxjfsh2mpwwwk8v5pd94n3ha9qje7zn2a9m7qj69jg7z5uqjfhtum

And here it stopped everything. Since then he’s just accumulating and everything it looks like it started with me. Or at least this I understand.
Could someone explain to me how it was possible to be hacked so fast even though I paid attention when I downloaded the app and extension? And why I until then I didn’t have any problems with the exchange accounts, with my cards…

There is no chance to try to report the address??

Thank you for your upcoming replies.


I am so sorry to hear that, if only we lived in an honest world.

What app and extension are you referring to?

I think the best is to outline what happened so other people dont fall into the same trap

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I feel sorry, too.

Which app and extension please?

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