SCAM video on Youtube


Hi there, someone has posted a live like video of Charles Hodkinson on YouTube, hosted as live event and linked to a page where above address is mentioned, I transferred 10,000 ADA to that address.

Turns out it was a scam clearly but looked soo real. Don’t think my ADAs will be recoverable however may be this wallet could be blocked somehow for future transactions and the fraud could be caught in future.

If the ADA team can recover from that Wallet Address, my Wallet Address is DdzFFzCqrhspDLFJLvczZGbws9ha4FQ4PDxU8Jy3A2vQHpsQ7qoffr7yn6mykq3DQhnek32CKFYSG8GU1tcMnQ5VdNTwpdhuC7hMJphP

Your ada is lost, you should report to the police. I can see that I have flagged more than 110 videos. Too bad your ad wasn’t taken down before you saw it. There are ads as well, fake nft mining on solana that you can’t flag.

This makes me upset and I keep wonder why people think someone would give real money when you never see this with usd or any other real currency. There are airdrops but you only get small amounts and you provide the address it is sent to. I wish you had done more research.

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actually if all the agencies work together, the criminal is not too far off

Point 1
The criminal posted on YouTube -
[Link deleted by @napoles]
Through this link the user account and ip address to log in or create this account can be tracked

Point 2
Scammer’s Wallet Address

My Wallet: DdzFFzCqrhspDLFJLvczZGbws9ha4FQ4PDxU8Jy3A2vQHpsQ7qoffr7yn6mykq3DQhnek32CKFYSG8GU1tcMnQ5VdNTwpdhuC7hMJphP

Transaction ID:

Point 3
the video asks the user to visit this url [Link deleted by @napoles]
So here the ip address of this web page can be tracked,
if it is proxy the trail can be followed
I did my limited trace and it seems it routed to Netherland and Hong Kong

skylink data center in NL
nicenic net in HK

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There will be an ip address but it won’t the scammers ip address. Most likely, they will use tor or similar. Also, the url is very suspicious looking. There is an official Cardano address and that’s where you should go

The last hour or so I have flagged multiple videos featuring Vitalik Buterin and he neither gives ether away nor does he speak about any giveaway in the video. There were 4 giveaway scams showing at the same time. One for chainlink. None of the ip addresses will help, with luck, the transaction id will if they are caught which is not likely. Google ”Maksim Yakubets” and you will understand why.

Charles was doing a live stream and some scammers simulcast it with an ad for the 100 000 000 ADA giveaway. I sent 1800 ADA. The transaction ID is fd001c4cd56dc5623f93190870770e9c6f081a020a244dd2211a821d1d691e90
. If anyone can somehow undo that please tell me. Thanks! Mike

Unfortunately, your ada is lost. You should report to the police. If you had done a whois on the site you would most likely find it is in Russia and so are the scammers

Yes indeed it is lost. I already complained to the FBI using their website. I did that immediately after I realized it was a scam, not long after I sent the ADA to the scammers. It’s embarrassing but I post it here so that others can be warned.

Just want to put a screenshot of a scam here. Looks like someone testing live streaming.
This is a channel of a Real Estate investor, but it doesn’t appeared to be hijacker. I’ve flagged a while back… but YouTube being slow and quiet as always…