Scammed by a YouTube video from my home feed

Hi, is there a way to cancel a transaction?
I just got scammed by a YouTube video from my home feed. I feel so stupid.

I just want to report this wallet

From that website [Link removed by @Zyroxa]

I am so sorry to hear @ericftr :frowning:
Unfortunately there is no way to make a transaction undone. Your ada is lost.

This happens far too often you are not the only one.

Please everybody:

Charles Hoskinson, iohk or Cardano foundation will

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Thanks! People are terrible.

Hey man some how I fell for the same scam yesterday morning. Caught me in a moment of stupidity and greed. Newbie to the whole crypto thing. Lesson learned but can’t believe how stupid I could be.

I’m sorry to hear that. Scams are more and more advanced. We have to be more careful.

Thank you, sorry you fell for it too. Exactly glad I can learn a lesson from this and it wasn’t a crazy amount lost. Ugh but it still feels gross!

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Exactly we learn with our mistakes. Some people don’t know the difference between good or bad, they just care about themselves, It felt gross indeed. I’ve lost 5k, it was all the ADA I owned, it’s a big amount for me, I felt really really bad. Thanks for sharing your experience, wish you the best.

Same to you brother. I lost 2550 ADA. It was basically all of my bag. Also a significant amount for me. I’m just a knucklehead blue collar guy trying to improve my quality of life and set myself up for the future so know exactly how you feel. Appreciate you sharing the experience also. Have a good night man and let’s learn and be smarter!

Thank you Robby!

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I’m so sorry to hear this happened to you.

Thanks Donny. It’s just sad there’s nothing do to track the scammers. I understand this is all lost but I would have like to donate this money for a charity instead of being steal.

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Same here

I got scammed all my ADA (7871 ADA) all my savings in this ADA youtube channel with 300K followers.

[Link removed by @Zyroxa]

[Link removed by @Zyroxa]

this is the address where I sent my ADA


I believe a lot of the Ada from the live scam YouTube videos was most probably transferred to everstake