Probably a scam

Is this site official [Link removed by @Zyroxa] ? Is it probably a scam, or is it possible to reverse transactions to this address addr1q92qsrnl2h26sncmu4r8w5nqew77qry5w7qf9vfq4ewgsnesjkhen59jfcuedgvsfyne9xu56u5pzcc2aqsw7jghna4qg95lr8

Yes thats a scam.

Feel free to report such URL’s to Jira Service Management

Hello Cardano team, I already did it yesterday. Are there any chances of recovering the funds?

Michał Szipluk

czw., 20 sty 2022, 08:24 użytkownik Fabian via Cardano Forum <> napisał:

No theres not. As soon as the transaction has been confirmed by the network there is like 0 chance to get them back.

Id recommand you to report it to your local authorities.

Can Cardano block such an address so that it is not possible to pay out or monitor its history?

scam address: addr1q92qsrnl2h26sncmu4r8w5nqew77qry5w7qf9vfq4ewgsnesjkhen59jfcuedgvsfyne9xu56u5pzcc2aqsw7jghna4qg95lr8

No thats not possible in a decentralized network.