Scammer video live charles hoskinson


This is addreas scammer my ada 10.252,624617
Can return me back my ada?
Please help. Thankyou


[Link removed by @Zyroxa]

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No thats not possible in a decentralized network.

Please read here if you need more infos : Scam Reports - Frequently Asked Questions

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Unfortunately this is not possible since this is a decentralized protocol.

Here you can find help, but you never see your ada loose!
Me too i loose 6999 ada because a scam and no one can find the titulary of the adress of the final platform addr1qxu7ja9hduaqllh08qddamckewlhxf06vaansaacgcw864qwq3wh8ycd3n4ulgmjsd7yg99dexmrjn5jvq02zndyl53sgu4pen
I searh it since december 2021… no comment