AMA video real time search tool



Because Charles’ AMA videos are such a great source of information, coming up next on the AMA real time search. Just enter something into the search, watch the video or click a button to copy the link.

Search through all the breakdowns, the video result shows credit to the people who provided that timestamp. (at the moment usually @hayamoto_jr, @werkof and myself)

Following screenshot above is only a preview:

EDIT: try it here:


Oh wow…now this is what I call a good extra feature for the pool.


This is great! I should add that a lot of the content of this video is reflected in the roadmap section of the map which puts most Shelley rollout stages in a timeline.


I can’t wait for you to implement this feature! Such a fantastic idea. Think of the amount of time/effort it will save us when addressing repeat questions from those new to the Cardano project!

Thank You and keep up the great work @adatainment!


If anyone wants to try out the search tool, you can use this direct link because it’s not linked in the menu yet, there are a few minor issues to address first:


A simple idea and a great execution. Bravo !