Amazon AWS (ARM processors)

Does ARM processors work for Cardano Nodes? The T4Gs are the cheapest to run vs other x86 based systems.

That’s a good question. I’ll start doing some investigations about this. I’ll let you know my findings if you are interested.

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yes that woud be helpful

In my opinion haskell is not stable on ARM yet.
So we don’t have to run a pool on ARM.

I did try to get cardano-node compiled on aarch64 but ran into a bunch of issues too. I felt it wasn’t quite there yet for production. :frowning:

I have a lot of interest in moving everything over to aarch64. As you said it opens up T4Gs on amazon but also very convenient and cheep offline key signing with Raspberry Pis.

I did it successfully, I got my server now running on it and it’s very stable honestly.
Compilation happened like a charm once all the roadblock and difficulties were resolved. I can’t see why it wouldn’t run smoothly since it’s only using standard compilation tools. Or officialy provided ready for aarch64 anyway.
We could argue that coding was not optimized, but I doubt that code was “optimized” for x86_64" anyway by developers. Except the compilation layer, which was the exact purpose.

I’ll share the binaries and write some articles about it on how I solved the different problems.

PS: IT is not sorcery, it’s technical and scientific. So I usually try to stay very pragmatic in my opinions :wink:

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