Ambassador AMA with the Satoshi Club Community

Ambassador AMA with the Satoshi Club Community

On the 13th April at 11:30am BST Ambassadors Lgbeano, Priyank and Josh took part in the Satoshi Club AMA Series hosted by Serg and the Satoshi Club Team.

The Satoshi Club Telegram channel has a very active and enthusiastic community of around six thousand members. The Satoshi Club approached the Ambassadors to see if Cardano would be interested in taking part in a Cardano AMA session. Results included 100s of new active crypto members joining the Cardano Telegram channels and a new level of knowledge about Cardano for a community that was not previously active in following the Cardano Project. This set the foundations to build a positive relationship and connection between two crypto communities.

Once details were discussed between Ambassadors and the Cardano Foundation, Lgbeano, Priyank and Josh proceeded to collaborate with the Satoshi Club team to finalise the finer details.

The AMA was held within the Satoshi Club Telegram channel and organised into three Stages for ease:

Stage 1: A few days before, the Satoshi Club and Cardano community in Telegram were made aware of the AMA; they were given a link to a website in order to ask any questions. Prior to the AMA, five questions were selected by the Satoshi Club hosts and passed to the Cardano Ambassadors to prepare their answers. The channel was muted, to allow the hosts and Ambassadors to introduce themselves and kick things off… The AMA had begun!

Stage 2: Once each question was answered by Lgbeano, Priyank or Josh the community were invited to ask follow up questions; the channel opened for 2 minutes to allow the community to post live. In less than two minutes the channel flooded with almost a thousand amazing questions (which gave telegram a few problems!!). With so many great questions, it made picking very difficult. The channel was muted again and the Ambassadors had about 15 minutes to select 5 questions and post their answers!

Stage 3: While Lgbeano, Priyank and Josh were preparing their answers, the Satoshi Hosts had set up a cool quiz on their website for the community to answer while they waited; once the ambassadors followed up on their chosen questions it was time to end.

The AMA finished very positively with many thanks all around. The engagement, positivity and feedback from the community was over whelming!

Since the AMA we have received many invitations to participate in similar AMA’s within different communities. This is amazing to see and although it was initially organised as a one off trial event, it could mean more AMA’s with the Ambassadors in the not so distant future!!

A few words from the Ambassadors;


When Serg first approached us enquiring if we would be interested in an AMA, I didn’t realise the amount of time and organisation that would go into it. It didn’t take long to realise how well the Satoshi Club team organise their AMA sessions which gave us great ideas for the future. I could not believe the interest, positive participation and welcome we received. I would like to thank the Satoshi Club for having us and opening up a potential path to help spread the word of Cardano; the feedback we had was amazing!

Although we are not currently planning to hold anymore AMA’s, I think I can speak for Priyank and Josh when I say, we really enjoyed it and maybe one day you will see us in an AMA near you.


When I first heard about the AMA with the Satoshi Club on telegram, I was a little sceptical that it could work with the fast passed nature of telegram channels. However I wanted to give it ago and see how it would play out. With a nervous few minutes in preparation before the AMA with Priyank and Lgbeano and some encouraging words from the Satoshi Club hosts in private, we were ready to roll with the questions!

It took a few questions before we settled down and got into the rhythm of the telegram style AMA, but once the nerves had settled we were away and running! I have to say it was an amazing experience to be asked so many great questions about Cardano, and it was also a great feeling to put to bed a couple of misconceptions too! The Satoshi Club and their hosts were very warm and welcoming, and were showing some fantastic knowledge about Cardano!

Its great to see other groups and communities becoming excited about Cardano, also a pleasure to have the opportunity to answer a few question that people have! I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to doing this more with other communities and my fellow ambassadors! I want to thank Satoshi Club for inviting us along, and hope to have the chance to do it again in the future!


It was an interesting and gradually fun experience, I would say it went better than our initial (anxious) expectations, being the first time participating in such event. Much of the target audience were new to Cardano, and once the Stage 2 (live AMA) was activated, we were taken aback by the flood of interesting questions and it soon became apparent that we wont be able to go through the entire stack of questions, to pick questions by distributing the periods. I loved the fact that the questions were not about “when”/”what” or price related, but more about “why”/“how” relating to the workings or upcoming advances – especially from a community where some of the participants were not active members of Cardano groups.

As already mentioned by Luke and Josh, special props to the Satoshi club admins for maintaining the channels well – keeping it value-oriented. The feedback received from the audience post the AMA was quite encouraging, and I would love to see more personnel from Cardano engage in such activities.


Thank you for doing this! @Josh_Munday :raised_hands:t2:, @Lgbeano :raised_hands:t2:, @rdlrt :raised_hands:t2:


Congratulations to all three of you! Great contribution! :ok_hand:

I saw that Satoshi Club has a group on Telegram in spanish. Could you share with me some contacts to organize an AMA for the spanish speaking community?


Thank you. If you click Serg above it will link you to him on telegram, he arranged it with us. Hopefully he can assist you.