Ambassador Journal - Thomas Lindseth - August 2023

Hello everyone,

August has come and gone, and what a month it has been! Just like July, this month was filled with exciting events and developments within the Cardano community. Let’s dive into the recap of all the happenings in August.

At the tail end of July, @Eystein_Hansen and I unveiled the creation of the Nordic Cardano Community. Our aim is to establish a vibrant space where individuals from the Nordic region could come together to learn, collaborate, create, and have a great time. We shared this exciting announcement during a livestream, and you can catch the details here: Nordic Cardano Community Livestream (Note: Livestream is in Norwegian).

As part of our commitment to the Nordic Cardano Community, we launched a dedicated YouTube channel: Nordic Cardano Community. Make sure to subscribe to stay updated on all the latest content and activities!

In our continuous effort to explore and discuss various aspects of Cardano, we delved into Messari’s “Current State of Cardano” report. You can watch our analysis and thoughts here: Current State of Cardano . Additionally, we shared insights on wallet recovery in this informative video: Wallet Recovery: A common misconseption. Eystein also showcased some functions on the Sancho Panza Testnet in this video: Sancho Panza Testnet Overview.

Speaking of the Sancho Panza Testnet, we’ve been hard at work developing an explorer for it! While it’s still a work in progress, we’re excited to announce that we’ve implemented a dark mode feature. Check out the explorer here: Sancho Panza Testnet Explorer.

Just recently, we released a video discussing the intriguing concept of Proof of Useful Work. This is a topic that has captured our attention, and we’re excited to delve deeper into it in the near future. Watch the video here: Proof of Useful Work Explained.

I also did a live stream to talk about the launch and features of Adamail. Watch it here (Norwegain): VI SENDER MAIL FRA WALLET!!! | Du leste riktig!

In efforts to enhance the ambassador program, I’ve been working together with @Nicolas and some of my fellow ambassadors on initiating improvements. One exciting addition is the introduction of a weekly ‘Coffee Time Chat’ featuring a different ambassador each week. This initiative aims to foster greater collaboration among ambassadors and strengthen the community bonds. This idea came from Nico during a meeting. Other initiatives were discussed as well, and I hope to see more of them fulfilled soon.

I had my first coffee chat last week with the always awesome @Felix_Weber. A great talk indeed, and I am looking forward to the next.

Although I couldn’t make it to always warm, always sunny, sometimes Colorado this time around, I dedicated two full days to watching Rare Evo on YouTube. I’m thrilled to announce that I’ll be conducting interviews with attendees to discuss their experiences and insights from Rare Evo. Look forward to this video, which will hopefully be released later this week!

And just as I thought August would leave something for september, enter Fortuna! Proof of Work on Cardano :exploding_head:
Together with Eystein and the always lovely Nido we recorded a livestream where we set up and ran a miner. Super fun! Fishing for Tuna! | Fortuna mining | PoW on Cardano!!

As August draws to a close, I want to express my gratitude to this amazing community. Your passion and enthusiasm continue to inspire me every day. As we gear up for September, I’m excited about the upcoming ventures, meetings, and discussions that awaits. Until then, stay curious, stay engaged, and keep spreading the Cardano love!

High five!