Ambassador Journal - Thomas Lindseth - July 2023

Hey everyone,

Whew! July has been a wild ride, and I can’t believe how action-packed it’s been compared to the seemingly “lazy and boring” June. Let’s dive into the exhilarating events that filled my July.

The month kicked off with an exciting livestream from Pavia, where myself, Eystein Hansen, and Nido gave the Cardano community an exclusive look at their alpha. And let me tell you, it’s MASSIVE, even at just 1% of its eventual size. You can catch the replay of the stream in Norwegian here. Nido’s recording studio stole the show for me – what an incredible place!

Shortly after that, it was time to embark on an adventure to the stunning city of Edinburgh, accompanied by Eystein, for the global, and final CIP-1694 workshop. The workshop was an absolute blast, and you can read our full recap here and watch our video from the event here. A fun little surprise during the afterparty was having Charles briefly join in a live stream that my colleague held at the same time. – The afterparty was held in a chuch by the way!! (Take that anyone who ever called us a cult!)

This trip was beyond amazing; we had the chance to meet so many awesome people, further reinforcing the sense of community and passion within the Cardano ecosystem.

Upon returning to Norway, filled with fresh energy, Eystein and I rolled up our sleeves and worked hard to bring to life what we’ve been planning for a while – the Nordic Cardano Community. We were thrilled to finally reveal it to the world.

In the midst of all the excitement, I even found myself hosting a spontaneous livestream with only about five minutes to prepare! You can catch that whirlwind of a session here. Again, my apologies to non-Norwegian speakers; this one’s in Norwegian too.

Finally wrapping up the month I made a short explanation video on Project Catalyst that can be seen here.

To top off the already eventful month, we’ve been laying the foundation for the Cardano Summit community-led event in November, brick by brick.
I really hope to see many of you there!

Now, with the Nordic Cardano Community on the rise and exciting meetups in the works, I can’t help but look forward to what August has in store. But before we bid farewell to July, remember to stay safe, have fun, and most importantly, spread the love – don’t forget to give each other a hug!

High five!