Crypto Lark as an Ambassador?

It seems that listing someone as an ambassador who doesn’t promote or even care about Cardano is a disservice to the project and community. I am thinking about the CryptoLark. He did a video on crypto adoption in Africa and failed to mention Cardano??? He rarely mentions Cardano. That makes the position of Cardano ambassador a joke and a farce when it should be a position of honor.

Please let’s revoke this title from Lark and give it to someone who cares about Cardano even a little bit. I like Lark, but he does not deserve to be called a Cardano ambassador. He is a BTC maximalist who himself admitted in his video comments that he makes a poor Cardano ambassador. Can’t we do something about that???

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I think there should be some kind of evaluation of ambassadors’ involvement, and their achievements, based on standards and merits. As Ambassadors, we should align us efforts on master goals, and be evaluated in that sense, each with differentiated activities according to roles.



Thanks for your messages and feedback. The Ambassador program is currently still under construction and we hope to give some updates on this soon.
Currently Ambassadors receive no rewards, but this will be changing in the future as we are moving towards a new phase of the program and entire Cardano project. Going forward, it will also include a reviewing process for the Ambassadors.
We ask for your patience and understanding!


I am not sure that this is true, but it depends how you define “maximalist”. He certainly talks more about BTC, but then he interviews many other crypto projects, so I don’t think he would fall into the category of being a maximalist, by most definitions. He also recently shared his holdings (by percentage) and while BTC was about half of his holdings, ADA was third behind ETH.

That said, while he does occasionally promote Cardano (as much as anyone can do objectively based on the project’s current stage), I agree that defining whether an Ambassador should be primarily concerned with Cardano over other projects/currencies or not is important for everyone to understand what an Ambassador stands for or represents.

Good news for you is I resigned from the position a few month ago. So be happpy :slight_smile:
PS I am not a Bitcoin maximalist.

Still love you Lark!


Ha it’s the Lark… welcome to the Forum :clap:t2:

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