Amex like deals on Cardano Yoroi

Good day,

AMEX has a section with offers on it’s app. It is quite interesting and you get some nice discounts if you are lucky.
They communicate with big brands, small businesses, startups and offer to show their special offer on the app if they get a really good offers.

Cardano should do the same, we will be able to give even better deals as we have low transactions fee.

  • This will raise awareness to businesses as well as users, good deals spread like wild fire.
  • Businesses are going belly up and they need fast way go get rid of stock, they will be keen on good deals.
  • This will give Extra functionality to the wallets and make them a bit more interesting.
  • Finally a reason to use your ADA on things
  • This could be the start of a very competitively priced marketplace on the Cardano network if there is interest

Many thanks and kind regards,