Amount of ADA in existence?


How much ADA physically exists, and is it being mined?


This should contain all the info you need!


It’s not a mineable coin, there are in total 31,112,484,646 coins.


45,000,000,000 and its already out, but wont be mined, its a completely different business model

watch this for more details as I’ve not got the technical expertise (start from 8:48)


O good God. I am sorry but this guy has no clue of what he is saying. I have watched him on youtube and he is wrong so many times. Just days ago he was bashing Cardano and now he talks like this. Unbelivble


Heh… but you have to understand that all the nut people can make a video nowadays, or, maybe he just wants to have some views to get the cash from YT. I will watch the video in a minute, wish me luck : )


Lol good luck. To me it seems like he is just buying some coins and then promotes it for a pump.


Yeah man, I didn’t had the mental strenght to watch the whole video, that guy is quite annoying, and yes, I totally agree, he sounds like he try his best to influence the market, I know that many youtubers do that, not sure if he have any success, but the his plan B is for sure to get some cash from Youtube from the ads. … well… this is our world now, I can’t wait for the moment when all the grannies and the noobs will jump into crypto, it’s like in the 90’s when you got your first e-mail and most of the people used fixed line phones to talk to each other…