An Open Letter to the Cardano Community from IOHK and Emurgo



Thank you for posting @Abderrahim_Gadmy.

I’ve enjoyed these privileges as a regular since the beginning of the past summer. You could have easily checked this for each member by clicking their icon.

We will see how Parsons and the CF respond. Until then, please refrain from calling anyone’s opinion “dumb”.


Just one more question Risus you think it is ok for Persons to have waited well over a month to answer not even aknowledgeing the questions and that he will come back to them? Is this not allready bad regardless of his actual responce? Does not actions speak louder than words when one looks at credibility?


I agree with you; Parsons’ (and CF) inactions seem damning. However, something smells… IMO I have a bad feeling that this silence might be a sign that he is in discussions with his legal counsels and is perhaps strategizing his response and/or perhaps a lawsuit against IOHK/Emurgo (I’m guessing, of course). A lawsuit would act to not only buy time by temporarily silencing parties from discussing/disclosing any relevant issues until adjudication, but also diffuse the complaints against him by diverting attention.

Please recall that long before the Guardians wrote their open letter, Charles was already expressing his disenchantment with CF in a public forum (Telegram). IDK, had talks between IOHK/Emurgo completely broken down then? If not, is this considered defamation? Did IOHK/Emurgo consider legal action after talks broke down? If so, why did they not proceed? Did IOHK/Emurgo overstep their responsibilities during their visits to some countries? IDK. But, at a quick glance, Swiss laws seem to protect foundations and this issue can be tied down in litigation for some time…

Please remember that IOHK/Emurgo decided to go ahead and post their video about CF after they learned of the Guardians’ willingness to act.

Let’s see how Parsons and CF respond. I hope we hear from them soon.


Swiss laws also protect the public that the foundation serves. If the foundation does not serve its intended purposes there are several legal steps supervisory authorities can take.

I fully expect there to be legal council going on already. However I believe Parsons has made an irrevocably damage to his own credibility by his inaction that could only possibly be fixed with a reorganization of the Cardano Stiftung board.

Again it is about the full picture. Laws are only one element here.


Well I hope you are right. The quicker we get this matter resolved, the better.

Yes, we are also not privy to what happened prior to the breakdown in communication between IOHK/Emurgo and the CF.


I agree. We do not know. But you can do some research and form some ideas. For example looking into the trademark policy and the registered trademarks. I do not think that the trademark or intellectual property cases are clear cut for either side, but I do believe in practicality there will be ways around any trademark considerations. Might not get to use the circle ADA logo but that is OK. Basically what I am advocating bitcoinbyte could even win a court case but loose when you consider the overall situation.


Exactly! It might not be easy, but I think we will have some uncertainty for some time and will ultimately prevail.


what’s your definition of censorship? and in its nature does it or does it not further restrict the further actions of the censored party?

and dictators are people too… and dictators are self appointed too… and they make mistakes cause you know they’re people too… and cause you know there’s no gradation in peoples actions because accountability is an anathema…

well you sure have an odd way of showing it

case in point. belittling and unempathetic. and the irony continues with the questionable quality of character in admins.

firstly, there’s only one us, the public community - not the self appointed “guardians”.

secondly, please use evidence. make your case that i have not. burden of proof is on the accuser.

and how do you know this?


awww… well done you… :clap:


It’s been several days now since this whole thing really blew up and I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for a response from Mr Parsons or the foundation but haven’t seen anything yet. Has anyone seen anything?


Only the sound of silence…


yes, disappointing to have not had the disclosure and actions

Rage Against The Machine. Coming out of very large speakers. Situated outside CF building, in the street, in Zug. Big generator, big amplifier, and suitable Earth rumbling speakers.

This should be organised as a peaceful protest. Anyone know the rules on peaceful protest in Switzerland? Perhaps a large banner should be placed saying “Parson - Step down”. The considered position of the community can be communicated by 1 person, and there can be a side Meetup, in a usual manner, later in the day.

Due care and consideration must be given to the general community, and we (I) am not actually trying to get him to scurry out of the building due to the enormous sound pressure levels cause the building to vibrate disconcertingly.

I merely mean to cause a media storm. What does thy think of this wit dear reader?


First of all guys, sincerely thank you to give us an idea how it appears and looks from your point of view. This is very useful.

Misteraxyz refers to an action I want to show and explain here, as it looks like more transparency is what he wants.
User @bercinho started a new thread at Sustainability of Cardano; Decentralized Organization & Governance for Cardano; Guardians, Priests, Doctors, Fighters, Scientists, Wizards, Inspectors

The first 2-3 comments were from two users. One of them @misteraxyz became attacked at a personal level by another user, and it looked like the thoughts and efforts to post the original thread and bring it to a discussion in this community quickly end up in a personal dispute.

So I first contacted via DM the initially offending user

and then - also via DM - let @misteraxyz know that these personal attacking messages were removed, in order to keep the focus on the original topic and interest of his creator

now everyone can decide for himself …

Have a nice day,
and don’t forget: never stop contributing!


ok, so @werkof why didn’t you respect the wishes of @misteraxyz for you not to censor the conversation ?


Very simple: I asked the original creator of this thread and the initially offending member. Both fully agreed that this part of the discussion wasn’t useful and headed in the wrong direction.
Now google for consensus


so, just so i’m getting this right, what you’re saying is that @misteraxyz 's voice - the offended party - was of no opinion, consequence or value? yet somehow your voice - not being part of the conversation in anyway - counts?


No not mine
The first one from the original poster of the whole thread (hijacked in the very first comments)
PLUS the one who started offending you.
My part in this process was a moderating one


Why are you not using dark mode? :expressionless:


The Cardano foundation owns this forum, they have implemented the current guidelines and your posts were moderated according to those guidelines.

You can ask them to assess this situation and undelete your posts. You could start a petition to raise awareness about the current rules and guidelines or what in your case is perceived like censorship.

Ask them about the lounge and what the motivation was for creating one. Or reach TL3 to experience it. Whichever you choose… They are the gatekeepers here, you can argue that a guardian censored you, but you’re still not realising what the underlying cause is. Markus followed the guidelines and i would have done the same.

Personally i’d love for a charter to be made by the community regarding rules and moderation and i’m sure you do as well?

Ask yourself:
What is preventing this from becoming a reality?
Why are TMJ so quiet on all threads concerning MP? Who wants to empower the community? When will we receive answers to our community’s questions? Why do you talk about yourself from a third person perspective? How much longer will Michael Parsons ignore the community he’s supposed to help grow and build?


tbh I slightly prefer the white one.
But I absolutely agree with the consensus vote for the chosen GoC design.