An Open Letter to the Cardano Community from IOHK and Emurgo



/me being the first one reaching out to @ShaWazza for that group hug. Because you know, uniting as one is what makes a community.

Thank you for the kind words :slight_smile:


I totaly agree on this part. As a member with my own questions of the procedure and actions taken by the “Guardians” and why it was done in the hidden lounge i have already stated in other posts. I am completly opposed to this parting of this forum in the first place.

Lets all learn a lesson about how groups who want to speak on behalf of the community to include the community in the next crossroad when problems occur. Since this is the first real action taken by a group in the community it was a fairly ok attemt.

I welcome all other groups that have issues that they want to follow up to strengthen the protocol.

My only demand is that they do not take upon them to be talking for the community as a whole.

I am looking forward to Guardians who guard the guardians of the guardians of the guardians for the better of the protocol.


We didn’t speak for the Community, that’s why we also signed with our names.

We asked for the Community support, which is why we started the petition.

Sure there are lessons to be learnt.

But you should focus now your efforts on helping this cause to succeed and let’s have a good Foundation board.

Try to do something beyond commenting such as evangelize the petiton in the Community via various social media channels. Don’t you feel the urgency for that?

Many Thanks


My furture efforts for Cardano depends on my belife in the community and protocol. Belifes for the protocol have not change based on this small group that you have contributed in. Wether you like it or not the Guardians would never have met if it was not for the cardano forum group. And since you have put your heads out you have to take both the success and the critiqe on the matters you act upon. I apreciate not to be told what to do and my posts here is fully possible to disregard if they dont fit your picture of the reality. Walk the talk on transparrecy both under the establishment and execution of improvement acts and i think we all have a blooming future.


I look forward to the day that there are so manny cluster groups that are autonomus that we do not have to focus on centralized forum groups as the Holy grail. And to state again I am not against the Guardians actions I am far more opposed to the fact that the forum has different divisions that are closed off.


I want to “Thank” the Guardian for sticking their neck out or most of us will not know CF has been so ineffective. The goal is to build a strong community and CF is actually a roadblock for us. Going forward, we will only get better without MP at CF. The Guardians spend their own time doing research and come up with facts. We should all appreciate their work.


Everyone in the community should be a guardian, it doesn’t mean anything more than to be involved with the project on a daily basis. Whether that means spending long hours on investigations, spreading Cardano’s gospel, discussing community building, participating in the ecosystem, offering services on the platform, buying goods or trading, making art about cardano or hosting competitions, meetups. discussing Cardano or blockchain technology on the Forum, Telegram, Facebook, etc…

We all have a duty to protect and guard the ecosystem, to correct it when we see bad judgement and questionable intent. Just like you are doing now by saying:

You are already a guardian. You always have been. The issue is that there are no resources to build something together because of the Foundation debacle. I’m trying to find a way to get everyone who wants to be involved and actually do some work a chance to do so, the software that makes it easy is expensive. I could not afford a 2000 seats account.

They are making Cardano to give to the community, we should take care of that gift.


love the optimism there @Bullish mate but i’m afraid in this case “guardian” means few self appointed elite.

if that wasn’t the case i, you and anyone in the community would be party to or have access to their secret meetings.


Mate, i believe you are just a bit salty because Markus had removed 2 posts in a thread where you were calling community members delusional and having questionable intelligence. Instead of using this opportunity to condemn moderation actions you generalize that specific gripe towards other people.

People make mistakes, moderators are people… Community members are people…

You could’ve made a topic about what happened when it did. Or gone to the Report to Admin Telegram channel to ask for a second opinion, wrote a more objective title for what seems to be your own personal crusade. (Perhaps i’m wrong, but this is how it looks from my perspective. If my judgement is bad, i apologize, humans make mistakes… It’s how we deal and try to solve those mistakes is what matters, because trust me, humans will continue to make mistakes…)

Anyway this situation did make you a lot more active on here. More engagement is good for our community. Don’t take this the wrong way, because i do appreciate your perspective and it’s good to question everything.

But you have still not suggested once you want to help out, you keep shouting we are elites… Maybe you could redirect your energy to help solve the CF issue, raise awareness, make a positive change, do research on the papers that were funded by CF.

You keep acting like all of this was planned and decided, while all we did was make everyone aware of these issues with the Foundation.

Other people have contacted us and are helping out, why are you not contacting us to offer help?


I usually do not jump into conversations, especially ones with conflicts that much, but @misteraxyz has it backwards to the point that I felt the need to make my voice heard, so here it goes:

I very much appreciate what the guardians did in exposing the CF and their lazyness, and I in no manner or shape oppose to the secrecy of their discussions. Some things are best to be kept a secret until there is concrete proof that your suspicions are right, otherwise you would be just spreading unnecessary FUD, that most people would react badly to, and may drive people away from the project.

I for one do not have the slightest interest to be part of these secret discussions, and I appreciate that there are members of the community who are doing dilligence for the rest of us. If you are talking about “walking the talk”, and I am addressing @misteraxyz then you better not delegate your ADA to pools or your vote rights to anyone once shelly is rolled out, and lets see how this full decentralization works out for you.

It is not like these guys who exposed the CF were making decisions that would affect the outcome of Cardano as a network, nor do they have the power to, so your whole argument is just dumb.

There will always be people who get more privileges than the majority of the community due to their expertise in a field that proves to be benifical to the project and their degree of involvement in the project some way or another, so maybe stop feeling self-important and try to prove your worth by making a positive contribution to the project and I bet you will get to be part of the “elite” instead of bitching about things you have no right to bitch about.


We do not yet know the possible consequences of the Guardians ’ action. Let’s see how Parsons and CF respond. More importantly, please refrain from calling anyone’s opinion “dumb” just because this person’s POV does not seem to agree with your objective.


But its ok to throw around words like self appointed elite? Make up your mind you cant have it both ways after your own needs.


Clearly you are itching for a fight… Unfortunately, I will not indulge you😁. Just curious though :Could you please point to the specific post where I have used the words self-appointed? Thanks @Eystein_Hansen

But seriously, you don’t see a difference between the qualifiers “self-appointed” and “dumb” ?


I am not the one picking a fight here. I am just pointing out double standards. Actually I am more busy doing stuff like reviewing CF research papers for a community opinion as an example.


Then perhaps you should get to work and stop writing posts to debase my comment that was respectfully asking a member to avoid calling someone else’s POV “dumb” . Thanks!


Ah in your opinion I should stop. Ok. How nice of you to decide that for me. Very respectful. Yes I think I will do that because as of now no need to continue and I do have more important work to do. Let me know when you have come down from your high horse and if you do have a proper argument. If you cannot see the double morals you are applying then I cannot help you. You invite critisism in others but not in you or others you support. You focus on negatives on the guardians and seem to be lost to the greater picture. Are the guardians any other than you and me? Are not the questions they ask valid questions? What actions have we seen from CF leadership during all of this that alliviates our concerns? Thats not group think its obviously the case and actually it matters to form a consensus on it. And so far well over 2k have done in a petition.

Edit: Cant we just do positive stuff here? If you actually worked out some risks in how the situation could evolve that would be a usefull disussion since you seem to suggest that we do not know how this will play out and that there are risks involved.


Didn’t you tell me you were busy with other more important things to do?? :joy::joy: Let’s just agree to disagree buddy. I will stop before this spirals out of control. I do not have the time or the patience to engage… Best wishes.


Yes, I do. I am looking into this more carefully as Parsons ’ and CF’s silence is very concerning.


Great looking forward to your time and devotion into this task and your digging up of facts and well tought out hypothesis.


When you start a fuss over nothing, I’m sorry, but it is kind of dumb.

And to reply to your point, whatever comes out of this has nothing to do with the guardians. What they did was barely ask questions, that anyone who invested in the project can ask, so whatever comes out is CF’s DECISION and not the guardians, are you following?

Finally, as far as I know, forums have merit systems that give you more privileges as you become an established member of the community by posting and contributing to conversations frequently, so maybe try that if you want that “elite” access so bad.

I think I have said what I wanted to say in regards to this whole matter, so I will now crawl back to my lair.

Good day!