Open Letter to the Cardano Community from IOHK and Emurgo


tldr: the Cardano Foundation failed
Mr. Parsons, it is time to resign.


This joint statement from Charles Hoskinson and Ken Kodama has just been published on the IOHK website.

This statement relates to some of the concerns brought up in the following thread on the forum:

Summary of the open letters contents:

  • Description of IOHK/Emergo/Cardano Foundations intended roles and responsibilities
  • Lack of performance by the Cardano Foundation (8 bullet points)
  • Call of action - carry out a complete audit / persuade Mr Parsons to voluntarily step down
  • Offer of IOHK & Emurgo - describes additional roles that IOHK/Emurgo are committed to until 2020 (7 bullet points)

Much gratitude to Charles Hoskinson & Ken Kodama for their transparency and proactive steps to rectify the pathetic performance by the Foundation council/chairman. I wish we could vote the bums out NOW…we need community members in Switzerland to file a formal complaint with Swiss authorities ASAP!