Announcing Ariadne, the first independent Ada wallet (Serokell)

“Serokell” released an alpha version of a “command line Cardano wallet” (GUI is expected a bit later):


:bangbang: I would like to remind all other users to be careful and NOT download any unofficial wallets until they are properly reviewed and audited by the community! :bangbang:

However good their site looks :slight_smile:

If any company or a person except IOHK asks you to enter your secret words on a website or in a software you downloaded from their website - delete this software and report it to this forum, please.

The same goes if they ask you to use secret words they have created for you!

Only official software wallet from is proven to be safe at this point!

Stay safe and use your brain :slight_smile: Remember that in the world of cryptocurrency - only you are responsible for the safety of your assets.


Interesting, there is a rust based official cli called ariadne


It will be very easy to implement a wallet frontend when V1 api get matured.
I’m implementing one for mobile platform, but user have to run a wallet node on some server.
I’m also planning to implement a read-only wallet for mobile platform, which don’t store secret keys in your phone, so it can connect to any wallet nodes for data, but it will need some new apis from wallet node.


Any news of a wallet that can create keys off line?

Daedalus can create keys off-line if you launch it, sync, and then turn off the internet

I just want my wallet to make me a Gin & Tonic with a twist of lemon on or off line would be fine.

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