Another Small question regarding Stakepool

I have several small question regarding the stakepool If there is already running according to the plan the mainnet is already running and my question is

  1. When the shelley mainnet is already running. Should we delagate our ada to stakepool? or just leave it in our wallet that should be fine? FYI I’m using Yoroi Wallet.
  2. If we delagate our ADA to some stakepool (for example: moronpool) if this moronpool goes down, or corrupt, or suddenly stop and just gone. Do we loose our ADA?
  3. When we delagate our ADA to stakepool, can we still use our ADA (for example: pay someone)?
  4. If I plan to running a stakepool (smartpool), and something happen to my server, Is the ADA that delagate to us still safe?
  5. I confuse that some people says that it is kinda wasting time and money to create a stakepool, some people say it is good to build a stakepool. Which one is correct from the IOHK point of view? fewer is better or a lot of stakepool is better?


Yes you have to delegate your ada to a pool.

no you can’t lose your ada while they are deleagted. you just have to delegate them to a other pool.

yes your ada arent locked. you can spend them whenever you want.

don’t really understand that question. what do you mean with “something happen to my server”

well you can’t really answer that question correctly. in my opinion its better to have like about 1000 pools which are high quality, than having 10000 pools with low quality.

Thanks for the answer.

don’t really understand that question. what do you mean with “something happen to my server”

–means if the server hardware broken or the internet connection down?

To make easier which is better 1,000 good server or 10,000 good server?

thing is – the scenario in which there are 10000 pools doesn’t intrinsically mean the 1000 great pools go i don’t think we should aim for any number in particular, except for perhaps ‘infinity’, or as many as possible. and then the separation will occur naturally according to the variables we all know, like availability etc.

So to conclude. The more the merrier right?