Any Cardano fans in Hawaii (Oahu)?

It’s a long shot, but I was wondering… are there are any Cardano fan in Hawaii (Oahu)?


I’m going to say hello, as I visit whenever I can.


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If you plan to come out again, send me a message and let me know when you’ll be around.

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I go there once a year for a month for work. This year will be August. When I am not at work I can be found at Leonards eating a malasada or stretched out on the sand at Hanauma Bay. Hawaii is awesome.

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I’m very happy to volunteer my services to visit and attend :wink::dark_sunglasses:

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Nice! Send me a message when you’re around.

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You’re welcome to come meet me whenever you want. Talking to my friends, people are aware of cryptocurrency here on Hawaii, but are very wary of it. it didn’t help that we can’t use Coinbase to onboard.

Maybe it is possible to have some Japanese Cardano Fans meet up in Hawaii or something? Unfortunately, I don’t speak Japanese.