Any Incentive to Promoting Cardano?

Just out of curiosity, are there any incentive if we promoting Cardano? I know Cardano give incentive if you staking it, right? (but not right now)
But, if you promoting Cardano for example making website, etc. Are there any incentive?
I remember Nostradamus say that he suppose to be get incentives like 1 ADA per view of his video on Youtube. But, it is not working so well. So are there anything like that?

PS: I kinda missed Nos, and the way he say “video” it’s like he’s saying “Bee De Yo” Lol…

Anyone can help answer my question?

I don’t think it would be wise for the CF to just throw financial incentive to the community with no direction. As of now, the first step is to create content and draw an audience. Once you have proven that you offer value to the community, then you can apply to be a Cardano Ambassador with the CF. From there, you would be able to negotiate some type of compensation for your work.

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There is no such thing as ADA per view or ADA at all to promote Cardano. Also please note that Cardano Ambassadors don’t get paid.

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Well, I saw the last bee de yo from Nostradamus. Just before he delete all because he’s so pissed off.
He said like that.
If become an Ambassadors don’t get paid or incentives, I just want to say “Wow” you’re incredible. Spending countless hours for community, without any incentive.
Thanks for sharing.

Not a reliable source!

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