Any place to buy or sell stuff for ADA? Time for USE instead of HODL!

Hi there,

is there any existing place where i can buy or sell things using ADA? Like a marketplace … I have a lot of stuff which I want to sell on ebay, and it would be extremely cool to sell some of these things for ADA instead of FIAT.

It would be a great way to create a “real use-case” for it, i think … And, most important (for me), i don’t want that ADA is becoming just another HODL-currency which people are just buying (and sitting on their bags) instead of USING it like a currency (And treating it like a whatever-golden-donkey-thing) .

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no ideas? what a pitty, would be a great way to use the currency…

Checking in and it still doesn’t look like anybody knows of where stuff can be purchased using ADA.