Lets Change the world

Hello ADA community! I am reaching out to everyone in hope that there is a common goal within us. I believe that we all want to see a world where we no longer need fiat currency. I believe that we all see so much potential in the Cardano project and we are waiting with our wallets filled with ADA currency for this to rocket up in value to the point where we can trade it back into our own national currencies and enhance the quality of our lives. The ever lasting question…when should I sell?? This is the wrong way to think. We are all waiting around for the Cardano team to make this so strong as a currency and as a platform but we are forgetting that we have the power! We can start to transact with each other now! the only way to grow this new economy is to use the very asset that we are hoarding. After all If it is never used what value does it have? I am calling on all business owners in this community…and even non business owners. Let us transact with each other. What ever it is we need I believe we can get it from each other. We are responsible for the success of this project not the people who are creating it. If you have something to sell or you need to buy something then let us start this now! I am willing to transact ADA for goods and services that anyone in this forum can provide and I know there are others out there that can do the same. Ask yourself what can you provide or what do you need? We can be pioneers if we start this now. This is the way to grow!


Well, I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m employing another person for about a month now to do some community work for Cardano, and I pay him exclusively in ADA (of course because he’s also a passionate Cardano fan and willing to accept it) :slightly_smiling_face:

So yeah, I totally agree. That’s what “adoption” literally means =)


I’ll remember that when I sell/buy something next time. @vantuz-subhuman that is exemplary! The work here is voluntary but I think I will hire some friends to help me create German subtitles for the whiteboard videos and pay them in ADA.



Thats great! I think we could create our own market place in this forum. You have to start somewhere. I live in Northern Ireland if there is anyone else living neat by that wants to grab a coffee and a chat I have some free time at the moment as I am not working.

Any forum members that re looking to buy or sell anything, post it here first and see. I actually have 2 cars right now and I need to sell one of them, I would happily except ADA as payment and it aint gonna be very expensive. Anyone who wants more info can get in touch with me.

If you are planning to use Amazon you should try buying with ADA :slightly_smiling_face:

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I am waiting for debitcard to come out. And really hope that somehow it is linked to fiat USD/EU so I can directly buy things with it.