Tool for converting ADA into Amazon gift cards (removing the BTC middleman)

I used BitPay to buy an Amazon gift card a few weeks ago, and it cost $30 in network fees alone!

Altcoins like Cardano fix a lot of the problems of Bitcoin, the annoying thing is though, to get in and out of altcoins, you have to go through Bitcoin haha.

So I put together a tool that makes it possible to go directly from ADA to Amazon, removing the Bitcoin middleman. And Amazon $ is almost as good as USD as far as I’m concerned.

Check it out, would love your guys thoughts.


Very nice, you might want to add an ADA explorer count, would display “trust” once you get a few customers under your belt.


That’s a fantastic idea! Thanks!

Once I have the ball rolling with a handful of transactions, definitely will be adding that.

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Is this legit? Can anyone verify? :nerd_face:

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I launched it today, it’s legit.

If you try it and it doesn’t work, you can hold me personally responsible. haha

tell me someone has tried it :joy:

Oh I hope this works, I’d like to buy a copy of “structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs” what better thing to buy it with then ADA.


That would be a poetic purchase.

Looks like he will be sending out his first card.



The first sale is the hardest sale :slight_smile:

@Chainomatic Thanks! I think you’re right though, confidence is going to be the trick with this project.

And it’s probably because at this point in the crypto world, everyone that’s been around for a little bit has been burned at least once. Like, I lost coin in MtGox a couple years ago, and then lost more money when NiceHash got hacked this past December (although they said they are announcing a plan on January 31st to get it all back to us, we’ll see). So it’s understandable that most people are cautious.

But this is a valuable tool for ADA users, I mean it gives people the ability to take out a little bit of investment profits, for example, without having to go through the annoying process of converting to Bitcoin, then to USD.

My hope is that what works in my favor is the fact that users aren’t storing their ADA on the site, it’s a transaction, once the received ADA has a high assurance level, the Amazon gift code is sent, and once that Amazon gift code is redeemed into their account, that’s it, success.

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Yea trust is going to be paramount. Make sure you are keeping accurate records, down to the IP address and browser type in your current app.

When you manage to get the volume, 50k if I remember, you should look at integrating SwiftClaim (automatically deposit gift card amount into their Amazon accounts) and a smart contract for volume automation.

Keep going!


the entire point of Cardano is to implement smart contract for this exact reason - so that you shouldn’t have to trust anybody. you simply send ADA with a contract that says “you only get this ADA if I get $100 amazon card”

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@axels Exactly!

The dream of a decentralized system is the ability to have near absolute security without having to trust anyone…but in these early days it’s not quite there yet.

ie we’re trusting that the IOHK team will take their centralized code and eventually decentralize it.

Maybe you should somehow embed completed past transactions in the page (or link to a separate page) to inspire trust.

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Thanks a lot.
Did 2 transcation 100ADA = $100 Gift Card and it worked…recd Card # last noght.
Bought more this morning but waiting for Gift Card.
Thanks this is great tool to bypass middle man.
Keep it up with promise and this will take you long way.

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Great service, i have recd all of my gift cards and all legit


Is this legit??? I mean, Cardano is around 0.50 USD…
How can you convert 100 ADA in 100 USD ???

== Edit ==
Just saw it now… In fact the value in Cardano varies… which makes more sense.
My question then is: Right now the quote in your website is 198 ADA = 100 USD. So, as soon as I hit send and the amount matches what you show in your page, the value will be converted, right? No matter that the price drops or goes up some minutes later.

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@dread_sp correct, as soon as you send the ADA, it locks in at that price (even if it goes up or down), gift card is emailed out relatively quick after.

@dread_sp PS the 100 ADA to 100 Amazon deal was a temporary thing I did for the first couple days of the site after the launch. It was a crazy deal because the actual conversion was like 1 ADA = 60-65 cents during that time period.

Thanks @nschmidt7 ! Do you have a twitter account?